Final Schedule and Locations


A Conference of the Project on European Cinemas, in collaboration with the European Cinema Research Forum

McGill University, Montreal,

22-24 September, 2011

Open to the public

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Goethe-Institut Montréal
418, rue Sherbrooke Est

Welcome/Acceuil: 12h-12h30

Session 1: 12h30-13h30 / Chair: Ned Schantz (McGill)

Icon, Image, Place/ Icône, Image, Endroit

  1. Sabine Haenni, Cornell University: “European Portal: The Cinematic Icon of Marseille”
  2. Marc Furstenau, Carleton University: “Hitchcock in Europe: Railways, Magic, and Political Crisis in The Lady Vanishes”

Welcoming Remarks 13h45-14h (on behalf of ECRF)

Session 2: 14h-15h15/ Chair: Masha Salazkina, Concordia

The Cinematic Museum/ Le Cinéma au musée/ Chair: Masha Salazkina (Concordia)

  1. Noam M. Elcott, Columbia University: “Raum der Gegenwart”
  2. Erik Bordeleau, McGill University: “Filmic sedentarity:Tsai Ming-Liang at home / at the museum”

Keynote Address / séance plénière: 15h30-17h

Alison Griffiths, Baruch College, CUNY: “Tableau Mort:  Capital Punishment, Spectacle, and Cinema”

Reception: 17h


Goethe-Institut Montréal
418, rue Sherbrooke Est

Session 3: 10h-11h30/ Chair: Alanna Thain (McGill)

New Cinematic Architectures: Practices of Installation/ Nouvelles architectures cinématiques: pratiques d’installation

  1. Janelle Blankenship, University of Western Ontario:  “Dissolving Views: Imperialism and Nation-Building in C. Skladanowsky & Sons’ Magic Lantern ‘World Theatre”
  2. Alison Butler, University of Reading: “Worlds apart: mimesis and alterity in multi-screen installations”
  3. Domietta Torlasco, Northwestern University:  “Displaying in the Future Anterior: Pierre Huyghe’s New Cinematic Time”

Session 4: 11h45-13h15/ Chair: Luca Caminati (Concordia)

European Art/ Cinema/ Cinéma et l’Art Européen

  1. Christopher Mildren, LaTrobe University: “Roy Andersson’s Cinema of the Abyssal Tableaux – Comic Portraits of Mass Despair”
  2. Tami Williams, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee: “French Impressionist Cinema as Inter-medial and Intercultural Network of Display”
  3. Belén Vidal, King’s College London: “Spectacle and mannerism in the European period film”

Lunch/ Déjeuner 13h15-14h30 Shambala Tibetan Restaurant 3439, rue St-Denis (for registered participants, please bring your lunch ticket/ pour participants inscrit, svp apporter vos billets-repas)

Session 5: 14h30-16h/ Chair: Yuriko Furuhata (McGill)

Rethinking spectacle/ Repenser le spectacle

  1. Tom Brown, University of Reading: “Display as form: is there such a thing as a ‘French approach to film spectacle’?”
  2. Ingeborg Majer-O’Sickey, Binghamton University: “Screening the Field of Soccer through a Diasporic Scope”
  3. Sergei I. Zhuk, Ball State University: “Displaying the European in the Ukrainian Movie theaters during the Brezhnev Era, 1964-1982”

Session 6: 16h15-17h45

Public cinemas/ Le Cinéma en publique/ Chair: Eugenio Bologaro (McGill)

  1. Caitlin McGrath, University of Chicago: “Crippled By Sight:” Detail and Display in Julien Duvivier’s Au Bonheur des Dames (1930)”
  2. Paul Dobryden, University of California, Berkeley : “Lost in the Screen: German Expressionist Cinema between Display and Immersion”
  3. Ronald Rose-Antoine, Université Paris VIII: “Cartographie d’une Europe impersonnelle : éthologie des devenirs criminels, clandestins et animaux dans l’œuvre de Claire Denis”


Cultural Studies Building, McGill University

3475 Peel St. , Room 101

Session 7: 9h30-11h30/ Chair: Michael Cowan (McGill)

Cinema and the City/ Les Cine-cités

  1. Jennifer Ruth Hosek, Queen’s University:  “Displaying the Metropole as Contest: Berliner Schule Films in European Perspective”
  2. Polina Barskova, Hampshire College: “The Screened Siege: Urban Disaster, Censorship, Archive”
  3. Paul Coates, University of Western Ontario,“The absent-minded examiner and the ‘aim’ of cinematic display”
  4. Angela Dalle Vacche, Georgia Institute of Technology: “Cinema in the Museum: Ontology and Multi-Media”

Session 8 11:45h-13h/ Chair: Viva Paci (UQAM)

Festivals and Audiences/ Les Festivals et le public

  1. Christel Taillibert, Université Nice-Sophia Antipolis: “La notion de ‘festival de cinéma’”
  2. Philippe Gaulthier, Université de Lausanne/Université de Montréal: “La révolution télévisuelle ou comment le cinéma supportera-t-il d’être transplanté dans d’autres contextes pour d’autres yeux?”
  3. Frédéric Rolland, Université de Paris-Est: “Les collectioneurs amateurs de cinéma argentique en France”
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